Thursday, November 28, 2013

It has been 2 years..

I actually cant believe that i could still log in to my blog after 2 years.
So many things have changed.
So many things come and go.
So many emotions.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

officially a year older...

Its the day of the month that officially announce my age growth.. If i have a choice... i would wanna stay as a child... growing up eventually brings you lotsa things to ponder upon... And I've just stepped into another stage of my life... which is the work world... I'm currently member of a small family named Megan Nathaneal..

Back to my birthday.. the 1st celebration was a surprise celebration a week earlier with my buddies... then on the day itself, the people in MeganAds got me a bday cake shared with a colleague of mine which his bday is just 2 days away.. Later in the evening, had dinner & movie with another best mate yy... and just before my bday ends... i got home n find myself a set of custom order cupcakes from cheyyi... all the cupcake decos are my fav things... so sweet of her... i love cupcakes... n its actually my 1st time receiving cupcakes instead of buying em myself..

Despite all that's happening to me now... from sicknesses to heartbreaks.. all those bits of sweets and celebrations did cheer me up n works are good at keeping me busy.. i still smile during the day n cry myself to sleep sometimes.. But i'll be fine... as long as i'm still breathing... =]

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


if only i can find back my unbroken heart...