Monday, April 27, 2009

Image Manipulation

After all those hustling hustles, tensioning tensions, and emo-ing emos... I've finally got the time and mood to post an update... In short, many things happenned and i'm glad i've thought it through and let it go...

This time... i think its the 1st time i actually post up what i did for assignment purpose... Its for Digital Imaging subject where we were required to edit photographs to 'express a more fantasy idea' as written in the brief.. haha..

And i used my own photo to do it... Whether its the difficulty of finding a model to shoot at that time or its my self-obsession-ness... u name it.. lol..

The concept is... Growth.

p/s: the colors got desaturated from its original. sigh.

Monday, April 6, 2009


Been really busy with my assignments lately.... Those consists of video & studio shooting, brain juice squeezing, and midnight oil burning... oh ya.... and KL Design Week thingy... They are choking me... Guess i'm turning into this in no time... or perhaps... Turned already...

Many posts i wanted to update... but i just cant find the time... guess i'll only update again after this peak week of the semester...