Sunday, January 18, 2009

France Taipei Bridal Show

Again, they started with usual white wedding gowns... Then to the evening wedding gowns which featured mineral colors such as gold, silver and bronze.

Before they end the show, traditional wedding gowns featuring Shanghai cheongsam theme came out onto the runway. Elegant and exclusive. Model above is Diana Teh. A senior of mine during high school.

Following from the previous post of Blissful Bridal Show I , this is the 2nd round of bridal show during the last day of the roadshow.... i was late due to the traffic jam caused by the arrival of HK actress, Tavia Yong at the mall... Therefore, i miss the front... sigh... And this time its from France Taipei Bridal Studio... one of the famous bridal studio in Penang... Heres the link:

Friday, January 9, 2009

Blissful Bridal Show I

This was the opening of the show... They brought out the 1st model by uncovering the feather fans after a short dance. Featuring Nasha Aziz, one of our local female malay celebrity were one of the models for the bridal show. Her catwalks were special, rhythmic and brings out the mood of the background music.

This is the male model... i forgot his name... but he's adorable isnt he? haha...

The show started with traditional white wedding gowns featuring new trends of daring design from the Blissful Bridal Studio.

The show was followed by models wearing colourful and striking wedding gowns strutting down the runway.

Closing of the bridal show together with the studio manager,designer and assistant designer taking the last round on the runway to receive applause by the public.

I was lucky enough to have my second chance shooting the runway again... and this time there were only two photographers there which is me and the other guy from the bridal studio... it made me so nervous and embarrassed yet proud and excited at that time... what a mix... lol...

It was a two days bridal show from two selected bridal studios who were having their roadshow at Gurney Plaza, Penang during the beginning of December 2008. It was the 4th Bridal Fest as u can see from the poster/backdrop of the stage.

Well, the first day and first round of bridal show is from this bridal studio named Blissful. According to the mc, although their business just started few months ago... they are already working up quite fast to being popular as other trusted bridal studios with their brand new style and collection of wedding gown designs.

For those who are getting married perhaps? or interested... u can visit their website:

Thursday, January 8, 2009



This is going to be theme for few of my following posts coming up... yep.. that is wedding...

What do u think? are u married? or getting married? or single? Is the wedding gown and photos a must? are they worth the appreciation and effort?

Monday, January 5, 2009

It's m.i.f.a! - 10 Rising Stars

by Justin Yap

Plain and attractive slick silhouettes.

by Eleanor Ng

Clean lines and greyish tones.

by Nurita Harith

Sexy silks.

by Hatta Dolmat

Dark and mysterious.

by Amir Luqman

Colourful and active chiffon layers and batik prints.

by Karina Ng

One of a kind.

by Winson Tan

Creative use of Lego on foot wear. (i love this!)

by Jimmy Lim

Silk chiffon, cotton silk and leggings.

by Alexandrea Yeo

Attractive embroidery and neon bright layers overlapping on black.

by Alwin C

Futuristic and funky paired with headgear.

by Rizman Ruzaini

Evening wear with both traditional and modern senses.

by Daniel Chong

Matured and sexy with a feminine touch of beauty.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Fashion Week event at KL, The Gardens Hotel during the end of November 2008. It was a really nice experience to shoot the runway... was excited, nervous, enjoy and etc. all at the same time... lol.. I'm going to just show you some of the fashion pieces by the 10 designers known as the '10 rising stars'... Very brief here as the info or more details can be found through my friend's blog below:

Life : being twenty: MIFW- 10 rising stars
Kelvin's Photo Gallery: M.I.F.A - Daniel Chong
Kelvin's Photo Gallery: M.I.F.A -- Jimmy Lim