Sunday, January 18, 2009

France Taipei Bridal Show

Again, they started with usual white wedding gowns... Then to the evening wedding gowns which featured mineral colors such as gold, silver and bronze.

Before they end the show, traditional wedding gowns featuring Shanghai cheongsam theme came out onto the runway. Elegant and exclusive. Model above is Diana Teh. A senior of mine during high school.

Following from the previous post of Blissful Bridal Show I , this is the 2nd round of bridal show during the last day of the roadshow.... i was late due to the traffic jam caused by the arrival of HK actress, Tavia Yong at the mall... Therefore, i miss the front... sigh... And this time its from France Taipei Bridal Studio... one of the famous bridal studio in Penang... Heres the link:

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