Monday, January 5, 2009

It's m.i.f.a! - 10 Rising Stars

by Justin Yap

Plain and attractive slick silhouettes.

by Eleanor Ng

Clean lines and greyish tones.

by Nurita Harith

Sexy silks.

by Hatta Dolmat

Dark and mysterious.

by Amir Luqman

Colourful and active chiffon layers and batik prints.

by Karina Ng

One of a kind.

by Winson Tan

Creative use of Lego on foot wear. (i love this!)

by Jimmy Lim

Silk chiffon, cotton silk and leggings.

by Alexandrea Yeo

Attractive embroidery and neon bright layers overlapping on black.

by Alwin C

Futuristic and funky paired with headgear.

by Rizman Ruzaini

Evening wear with both traditional and modern senses.

by Daniel Chong

Matured and sexy with a feminine touch of beauty.

I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Fashion Week event at KL, The Gardens Hotel during the end of November 2008. It was a really nice experience to shoot the runway... was excited, nervous, enjoy and etc. all at the same time... lol.. I'm going to just show you some of the fashion pieces by the 10 designers known as the '10 rising stars'... Very brief here as the info or more details can be found through my friend's blog below:

Life : being twenty: MIFW- 10 rising stars
Kelvin's Photo Gallery: M.I.F.A - Daniel Chong
Kelvin's Photo Gallery: M.I.F.A -- Jimmy Lim


cmei said...

y every1 go mifa 1?? i din get to go 1?? sobs... haha... i langsung tak tau

cmei said...

20 oso love the lego footwear.. izit?? dunno i got remember wrong or not

1PluS1=2 said...

ya kah? tak tau ler.... ask her lo..

poh yee said...

yalo yalo, cmei i pun tak tau
*pity us* sobs sobs....
anywhr nice pic thr....

Hon Mun said...

omg! all edi posted Mifa.. @.@

1PluS1=2 said...

poE> thx thx... =)
Hon Mun> yalo... so when is urs going to be up?

YeeLeng said...

woah.. promote us pulak! i like the lego one too.. =D

1PluS1=2 said...

lol... gamtung right? faster cry.... hehe!

cmei said...

i remember 20 say she like the lego 1..

poe.. they went without us... biarla.. they tak sayang us dee...sobs *sit in the darkest corner*

poh yee said...

yalo, *with cmei sit at the darkest corner* ><