Saturday, June 12, 2010

PRIMETIME Art Bazaar!! Catch my booth! =D

Hey peeps!!!!! Finally PRIMETIME's Art Bazaar is here!!!
Was really busy with the exhibition which is also my graduation exhibition held at UTAR PJ Campus! I finally graduate from my Bachelor of Art (Hons) Graphic Design & Multimedia programme!

Okay, back to business, at last i managed to squeeze in sometime to create some handmade accessories for sale at the Art Bazaar!

Sun 13/07/2010 is the Last Day of the Art Bazaar! Do catch my booth before its too late!

For more info pls check this PRIMETIME ART BAZAAR!
See you there~! =D

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

23rd on 23rd

So there goes my 23rd bday... got one year older in the blink of an eye... sigh..
Pics above are some of the lil gifts i got for the day...
They are meaningful to me cos they put a mark in my memory...
Thanks all...... =)