Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar Part II


Fried chicken nuggets/Tori kara-age

Sushi and desserts

Jam tarts

Chocolate cupcakes

Continuation from my previous post about the Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar... this time around its food... those that were sold inside the ballroom... i miss those food stalls outside the ballroom (e.g. Japanese ice creams and yogurt) because i spend too much time inside... sigh...

So pics above are those Japanese food and snacks sold during the event... i believe there are some from the west too...

Friday, November 21, 2008

Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar Part I

Japanese mini game where they need to scoop up something with a thin layered-easily brokened paper-plastic scoop. haha!

Handmade coasters made from cloth. (i don't have the heart to use em)

Handmade cat keychains and hair pins.

Small pouch in japanese pattern cloth.

Some graphic made from small colourful rubber rings.

Magnetic clips.

Origami boxes.

Handmade bookmarks.

Plastic bags and pencil cases made from recycled material.

Flowery decorations.

Wooden dragonflies.

Manik bags and japanese crocs.

Xmas dolls and decorations.

This pics were taken during the Japan Charity Fiesta & Bazaar on 9th of November 2008. This event was held at the grand ballroom of Hotel Nikko Kuala Lumpur near Ampang Park from 11am - 3pm. The admission fee was rm15 and it was organised by the Japan Club of Kuala Lumpur.

I had a wonderful time and experience snapping pics all around the ballroom and seeing all those handcrafted work from Japan especially their Japanese papercut doll and their famous origami. Other than japanese stuffs, there were some booths from other country like Indonesia, Thailand and our local country M'sia as the event's main purpose was for charityt.

Pics above are some of the handmade souvenirs and products that i saw in the event.

Stay tuned for the food and clothing category that will be post up soon... =)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Canon ReDs

Listening to the announcement of the 1st theme.

Here we go...

U see, we were really serious at 1st.

Beginning of SS.

After lunch, exhausted, ss-ed.

Back at Times Square for photo uploading.

While waiting for the results.

Here comes the long delayed post on Canon Photomarathon 2008. Hahahaha... well, this event was on the 1st of November where its a whole day programme that involved shooting photos around the Berjaya Times Square area... Its divided to 2 different categories which is compact digital camera category and DSLR category... Canon users get to join for free while others gotta pay RM15 to join... We got a cap, polo-T, face towel, id strap, and a piece of cloth with Canon Photomarathon printed on it in the Canon goodie bag. Breakfast and Hi-tea are provided too.

Okay.. First, we started off from pit stop A which is the Berjaya Times Square at 8.15 am... we begin shooting things around us on the way walking to the 2nd pit stop which is pit stop B at Pavilion around 10-11am... then we continued shooting until pit stop C at Suria KLCC around 1-2pm where we took our lunch and rest before the shooting continues.... The thing is, one theme will be announce at every pit stop so the photos that we have to shoot is based on those 3 themes that we got at those 3 pit stops... The themes are, Metropolitan Indulgence, Mess in Rules, and Goes Green... (How to intepret those themes? ><") Lastly, we need to be back at Berjaya Times Square by 5pm to upload our photos...

Instead of being serious in the competition, we swayed to SS mode in the competition... In fact, we were in that mode right from the beginning of the competition... No matter where we are, how many people around and whether are we watched or not... we just ss all around... LOL! so... pics above are those SS moments that we captured. And guess what.... Our SS-ing were captured by a lot of strangers too! so don't be surprised if u see any of our pics at some stranger's blog... hahaha...!

In conclusion, i call this a T4 Canon SS-marathon... =D

Monday, November 10, 2008

Central colours

The leather accessories

The paintings

The ceramic bracelets

The tudungs

The sequin sandals

The snacks

The biscuits

The beads

The alphabetical beads

The pins

The Cloths

The beads accessories

It was Sunday, 20th Oct, where i went to the emergency festival at Annexe Gallery & Theater Studio to watch this film screening entitled 'Revolusi 48' by Fahmi Reza... a self thought graphic designer, documentary filmmaker and political activist. Well, the reason we went for this film screening is due to the reflection paper that we have to write for about 500-800 words... =.= but i did learn something new and valuable...

okay... enough bout the film screening... now goes to my pics.... it was a walk through the Central market when i took these pics.... and everywhere i go... ppl just come and say.. "sorry, no photography allowed." sigh... its as if i wanna do any harm to their stalls...

so... these are the pics that i manage to snap in the conditions below:

1) the person didn't see me
2) i snap b4 the person manage to stop me
3) the person is linean enough to let me snap 2-3 photos b4 stopping me
4) the person don't give a damn of me snapping

haha... =D