Monday, November 10, 2008

Central colours

The leather accessories

The paintings

The ceramic bracelets

The tudungs

The sequin sandals

The snacks

The biscuits

The beads

The alphabetical beads

The pins

The Cloths

The beads accessories

It was Sunday, 20th Oct, where i went to the emergency festival at Annexe Gallery & Theater Studio to watch this film screening entitled 'Revolusi 48' by Fahmi Reza... a self thought graphic designer, documentary filmmaker and political activist. Well, the reason we went for this film screening is due to the reflection paper that we have to write for about 500-800 words... =.= but i did learn something new and valuable...

okay... enough bout the film screening... now goes to my pics.... it was a walk through the Central market when i took these pics.... and everywhere i go... ppl just come and say.. "sorry, no photography allowed." sigh... its as if i wanna do any harm to their stalls...

so... these are the pics that i manage to snap in the conditions below:

1) the person didn't see me
2) i snap b4 the person manage to stop me
3) the person is linean enough to let me snap 2-3 photos b4 stopping me
4) the person don't give a damn of me snapping

haha... =D


LollyPie said...

if that day i got go,i think i will call a lorry "carry" all things back home...XD

1PluS1=2 said...

hahahaha.... then i shud ask u go la.. carry some back for me oso.. XD