Friday, December 12, 2008

LIO'Z cafe




Cushion seats


Interior with singers

During my study week holiday, i went to this Lio'Z cafe at New World Park located in Penang to hangout with my friends and had a little mini surprise celebration for my buddy's 21st bday... Actually that was the 2nd time i went to that cafe already...

Pictures above are how the cafe looked like and its like Halo cafe where u can send up some songs for the singers to sing em for you... But on that night, we send up a total of 5 songs... but none of the songs are sang... they didn't even say why they didn't sing em... sigh... oh ya, they did sang a birthday song for my buddy thou... =.="

Honeydew with milk

Peach green tea


Chicken with spaghetti in Gajun sauce

3 Cup chicken with rice

Spaghetti carbonara

Following from the paragraph above, now comes to the food and beverage served at the cafe... Pictures above are those that we ordered that night.... they have both western and eastern food... But in overall for the food, i would rate them 6/10.... not so good...

Not forgetting the performance of the singers... i would rate them like below:
voice 6.5/10 (not bad)
appearance 4/10 (only jeans and casual T-shirt for both male & female singer)
service 4/10 (didn't sing those songs we send up)

But in conclusion, we had quite a fun time there as we enjoyed ourselves as if we were at home cos we sat at the place with cushion... its like we own the place cos there were not much customers at that time.. we snap pics like the other people were all invisible... Haha! that's what i like...

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