Wednesday, February 25, 2009

SGGS reunion 09

This is the venue for our reunion dinner.

Busy eating?

Some group photos...

A large group photo... we look like miss peageant aren't we? =P

This is the cheeky one... bet she will show me this face again if she sees this post... haha!

its not gold.. its only New world park's deco.. sigh!


Again its during the Chinese new year 09, a reunion dinner with the sggs girls of the 2004 batch on the 4th day of cny... after several mini reunions that we had earlier... this time was a surprise... many of us appeared together... there were a total of 22 of us there... at least.. this time... its considered a small reunion...

It was a great dinner... Spending time updating each other and chit chatting... then after dinner most of us still wanted to spend more time together... so we proceed to New World Park our usual Starbucks cafe to do more chit chatting... too bad Starbucks were full at that time.. and we couldnt find another suitable cafe for us to hang around due to number of us... then suddenly sumone suggested that we join the elders at the kopitiam area where elder couples do some ballroom dancing... and there we go... following aunty and uncle doing cha cha and twist twist.... it was fun! but other dance like waltz or tango or salsa were too hard for us... haha!

so... we stayed there chatting, ss-ing, and dancing until we were satisfied to go home and end our reunion night... so that was a nice small reunion... hope there'll be a medium reunion in the future... cheers

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