Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Skptians Gathers

table for two


Salmon & Clam Appetizer


Cream of Asparagus

Seafood Fettuccine in cream sauce

Grill Fish

Chicken Gordon Bleu

lamb or beef. Forgotten.

Its Kilkenny, not Guinness.


d skpt babes.

d group photo

Once in a while skptians gathers, and this time we went for a nice proper dinner instead of the usual steamboat. Not many, but still a group of us who once went to same primary school together.

Dinner was at Salsas Restaurant. Shellin was the main reason we went there for dinner. =) Its where she works currently. After dinner we proceed to Djoint Cafe & Bar for some drinks and chats. Both the places are located at Upper Penang Road.

People do change, what we can do is to remember the past, accept the present and look forward to the future.

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