Thursday, April 1, 2010

Klang BKT & I-city Shah Alam

domos & lomos..

1st stop of bah kut teh.... (not nice)

2nd stop of Bah kut teh (better, but still my mum's bah kut teh is the best)


Follow up from my previous post about the Hot Air Balloon, pics above are the other two places we went after leaving Putrajaya..

Due to the hot hair balloon shooting, we were late for the famous Klang bah kut teh somewhere under the bridge... Therefore, we were forced to go to the other bah kut teh nearby... but then... the bkt they serve there was not nice + exp... no next time... none of us could ask for extra rice... so we decided to go for another round of bkt to fultill our aim of the day.. the 2nd one was better.. at least we can order side dish and the claypot has more types of ingredients in it...

Around 6.. we moved on to I-city, Shah Alam.. everyone was saying how beautiful that place is... so there we go.. beautiful indeed... with lights and all... but its like.. alot of energy cosuming? You can see it from my pics above... we spent our time ss-ing there from sunset til 9pm... imagine.. haha!


CL said...

Wah very nice the colors!!! Why does it still look Christmassy there? Haha..I nvr knew such place existed!!!! Good job with the photos, KY! :D

1PluS1=2 said...

tq chiali~ =) erm.. they do have small areas decorated with CNY & raya's theme.. too bad i dont have the photos here...