Sunday, March 22, 2009

Holy Noon - Kuan Ying Temple, Penang.

outside view.

side view.

joss paper burner.

one of the beggars.



I cant tell what's this cos i cant read chinese.

pillar with a dragon carved on it.

ceiling and the banner.



don't know whats this... mayb its something to do with wishing or 'kei fook' or for the dead?

filling the oil lamp.

joss paper.


guardian lion on the right.

once in a month there will be some charity. This time, nasi lemak and a packet of angpow were distributed to each of the beggars. U can see how long the queue is from the pic.

Pigeons. There used to be many many of them. And i remember my childhood memory where i would run across the crowd of birds and they would all flew away. haha!

During 30th of Dec, i was at Penang back then, and i've decided to go to the famous tourist spot in my hometown to take some pics after dropping my mum to work at 10am... so this is the place... Penang's Kuan Ying Temple... the last time i went was when i was younger and always accompanied by my mum... and this time... i went there alone... like a tourist.. with a dslr... so as expected... the uncles (beggars hanging around the place) will treat u like a tourist... and there came a very friendly uncle (not sure whether he's one of the beggars or worker.. haha) saying "hey... are you a tourist or a penangite? wanna take pictures? Go la can go in dun worry..." lol... of course i answered that i am local n quickly disappear from his view...

And there i went in... snap snap snap... most of the people inside dont bother bout me... guess they were used to the tourist-snapping-pics habit... it didn't felt so awkward as i'm free to snap as much as i want! ^^ so i walk in and out of the temple... and then went in again... explored every little things inside... but i cant read chinese though...

After snapping all i wanted... i've decided to pray... so i got myself a set of praying materials which consists of a bunch of josticks, two candles and a thin stack of joss paper... though i cant really remember the sequence to put the josticks on the burner... but i can roughly remember from all the times i followed my mum to the temples and by observing the aunts around... so i went outside to get started with the 1st jostick... haha... then came the uncle again... this time he saw me with those josticks and he asked "U know how to pray or not? yalo correct lo follow the biggest burner 1st then outside to inside..." so i gave him a nod and a smile and escaped again... haha...

Then finally i finished all the snapping and praying... time to go home... and its lunch time already... so i spent quite some time around the temple... an hour plus... nice experience though... felt kinda holy that noon... haha!


Quin said...

nice pics~ i like the one with the red lantern but black and white bg.. like the shock of colour.

i went before too, for an assignment. but chicken me, i don't dare snap too many pics. haih... at that time no kind uncle tell me anything also..

1PluS1=2 said...

haha.. yeah.. its like photoshopped but its not... surprisingly the roof is in dat colour huh... guess i was brave enough to go in alone n snap so many pics la.. luckily no one stop me... dat uncle was just a bz body la.. haha!