Monday, March 9, 2009

SKPT cny reunion

Part of the interios design. Other sides were not so nice though.

Busy browsing the menu.

Hot lemon tea.

erm... coffee.

Mushroom soup. Highly recommended!

Grilled chicken in mushroom sauce.

Chicken chop in black pepper sauce. Nice!

Butter garlic fish.

Teriyaki sauce chicken.

Raspberry ice cream. They have a variety of flavours though.

Following from the earlier post about cny with Lileng, this was the reunion i mentioned earlier... the 4th/5th reunion of skpt 1994 batch i guess... and as usual... around 10 of us will get together... eat and then proceed sumwhere for a drink! this time... other than the usual steamboat... we went western! n we chosed JL Gourmet restaurant in Prangin Mall, Penang for our reunion dinner... Pics above were those food and drinks we ordered... Overall of the food was quite good.


SS again.

Got cameraman for this.

i'm not in... sigh! cos i am the cameraman!



Heng tai.



The next destination we proceed to was the same as the last reunion... Seawind Cafe! we love that place.... guess we love the beers too... haha... so here we come... playing cards with some chit chat n photography session! Afterthat, again we went down to the beach... that's the good thing bout this cafe... its by the beach! with the tipsy condition, we sang a lil, dance a lil, and crap a lil by the beach... finally when all the shoes and heels are filled with sand... we were prepared to bring em home... haha...

So that concludes the reunions i had with frens during new year 2009. =)


yokeMun said...

oh my..i missed the food!!!!lol...and i miss seawind!!!(n most importantly the beer!!!)i miss the time we were together...hahaha...oh n i've 'found' another skpt ex classmate!!remember Ch'ng!!???i dunno if u know him anot...i asked him to come join us for our next gathering.heheh..nice pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

1PluS1=2 said...

haha... i think is the one who just added me in facebook... ch'ng... yeah... haha... next year we do sumthing diff for our gathering...