Monday, August 3, 2009

A cut Above

students & models



Me & Esther


Model & Esther

Esther & Lindy

Hair stylist with his models

yes... its all about hair... last Friday the graduates from A cut Above finally gained their portfolios along with a hair show event hosted in Republic Cafe Bar located at Sunway Pyramid. I guess, this marks either the beginning or the end of their journey as a hair stylist.

The reason for me to blog about this is not about any hairstylists, its just because of Esther. A friend of mine which participated as one of their hair models. And we were there practically for support and photographs i would say (though we were a lil late that we missed your solo walk). soreee...

The hair stylists' creation were Real fantasy hair i would say. Those that make people go 'wow!', 'eeew' or 'omg!'. Those that you will only see in a hair show. This time (i don't know about the past though), all of their clothings were made from papers. All sort of papers. So at the end of the show, u'll find pieces or balls of papers on the floor. Haha!

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