Friday, August 21, 2009


the seat



butterflied chicken with mint sauce

Shepherd's pie

Chocolate baked pudding served with vanilla ice cream

something Chocolate creme like =P

Strawberry something something =P

the 3 of us... =)

Finally, i've decided to steal some time here in my office to update my blog! oh well, i have to wait for the pictures to load in order to be able to browse thru them properly right... so don't scold me... don't nag me...^^

Ok, this was like 3 weeks ago when 3 girls who've never went out together since they knew each other during secondary yearsSS ago, went out for lunch at the Curve... haha... so here it is... we decided to have lunch and hang out together once in a while like this... and we chosed the.apartment to pamper ourselves and also to try out the restaurant as well...

Conclusion... maincourse was so-so... not really worth the price... but the dessert is mouth-watering, pampering indeed and sweet! worth it! so we agreed that maybe next time we'll just head there for their dessert... =) dessert makes me happy!

After lunch... we went ahead shopping for groceries... it just feels... nice.. happy that it was a successful outing with the girls... once in a while u should just get back with some old friends and spend some time together... its wonderful... haha...

1) if the both of u sees this... i wanna ask.. when are we going out again? remember where we wanted to go? hehe...
2) and i cant remember the name of the food... sorry.. =D

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